Sughd Region

Sogdian region is one of the most attractive tourist areas and has gained great popularity in the world with lakes, fast-flowing rivers and canals, mountains and breathtaking landscapes. Historical sites such as Sarazm, which is more than 5500 years old, ancient Panjakent, the birthplace of the founder of Tajik-Persian classical literature Abuabdullah Rudaki – the village of Panjrud, mountains Fon and Archamaydon, fabulous beautiful lakes Kulikalon, Haftkul, Iskanderkul and others contribute to the development of tourism in the region.
In the Sughd region, given the availability of natural, historical and cultural resources, tourism is considered one of the priorities of the region’s economy.
Analyses show that every year the plural number of arriving tourists are engaged in such types of tourism as historical, cultural, environmental, mountain, health and resort.
Currently, there are 21 tourism companies in the region, the Association for the development of tourism of Zerafshan and the public organization Council of the tourism development.
In the region there are also more than 520 monuments, historical and cultural sites, 5 museums, 33 pilgrimage sites, 33 natural resort areas, 13 sanatoriums and resorts, 19 parks, 10 lakes, 30 fishing pools, 7 hunting areas, 2 medical sources, 68 trade shops of artisans, 191 restaurants, and 49 hotels to serve customers and guests in the cities and districts of the region.



One of the natural attractions of the Sughd region begins 20 km from Khujand – the Kayrakkum reservoir. This artificial lake was created in the

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The Mugteppa

In the north of Tajikistan is the city of Istaravshan, founded in the 6th century BC. Today it is a tourist center that attracts visitors

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