The city of Dushanbe has rich tourism resources and provides comprehensive infrastructure and services for the development of tourism, which contributes to international political, scientific, cultural and technical activities, at the same time attracting the attention of the international community and thus strengthening the country’s image as a peaceful Republic and having rich tourist resources and a favorable base. The development of the tourism industry of the capital, also contribute to the availability of historical sites, historical and architectural monuments, medical and preventive institutions, etc.
Currently, there are 40 hotels in the city, which serve guests from the country and abroad. At the same time, 10 cultural and entertainment parks, three national parks are located in the center of the capital, are tourist attractions for residents and tourists of the country.
One of the most important issues of joining the world tourism markets is membership in the world’s leading tourism organizations and participation in international exhibitions.
It should be noted that one of these organizations is the World Federation of Tourist Cities and the Board of the Federation is located in the city of Beijing of the People’s Republic of China. More than 130 cities of the world and 70 institutional organizations from among the large tourist companies, associations, airlines, hotel chains and recreation facilities are part of this Federation.
According to the strategy, in the near future Dushanbe will become a member of the World Federation of Tourist Cities.
Currently a number of tour companies regularly implement various flights to tourist areas of the country, including in the spectacular sights of Dushanbe, Dushanbe-Gissar Fortress, Dushanbe-Safed-Dara, Dushanbe – Norak (two kinds), Dushanbe-Iskandarkul (two kinds), Dushanbe – Varzob, Dushanbe – Romit, Dushanbe – Muminabad district (with a visit to the districts of Dangara, Vose and Kulyab city), Dushanbe-Panjakent, Dushanbe-Khujand, Dushanbe-Shahritus (with a visit to the reserve “Besha-i- Palangon” (Tigrovaya Balka”) – Dushanbe, Dushanbe-Badakhshan.
In Dushanbe there are 3 ancient monument, a fortress MIR (Bogh-i- Iram), the ruins of Shishakhona, small-town Chormaghzteppa, the fortress Iskandarkul, 4 monuments, such as the Architectural Complex of the Unity and Revival of Tajikistan with the statue of Ismail Somoni, Avicenna monument, the statue of Abuabdulla Rudaki, the Architectural and monumental complex of Aini and 12 architectural monuments. The city has 62 restaurants, 70 cafes, 156 national cuisines, 5 entertainment centers, 9 dry cleaners, 2 teahouses, 59 medical and preventive institutions for receiving guests, as well as domestic and foreign tourists.
According to international estimates, the city of Dushanbe is among the ten safest cities, which helps to attract tourists, and on this basis, all historical and cultural attractions of the city are included in all tourist routes.