Ancient Sarazm

The city of Penjikent was an important trade and cultural center on the Great Silk Road. On the left bank of the Zeravshan River, the ancient settlement of Sarazm, dating back to the 5th-8th centuries, has been preserved. The monument has great historical significance and shows what the structure of medieval cities in Central Asia was like.

During excavations, scientists discovered a large necropolis, remnants of squares and streets, ancient houses decorated with paintings by Sogdian masters. The list of finds includes bronze and silver coins, clay dishes, shards inscribed with ancient writings.

The city of Penjikent is famous for its bazaar, architectural monuments and recreation areas on the banks of the Zeravshan River.

Sarazm is an ancient settlement that archaeologists discovered during excavations about half a century ago. Here part of the buildings, many tools and household items dating back to the 4th-2nd centuries BC have been preserved. The object is protected by UNESCO and is one of the most interesting places in the country for those interested in educational rest.