Iskandarkul/Iskandar Lake

One of the most beautiful places in the Fan Mountains is Lake Iskanderkul, named after Alexander the Great, who allegedly visited there.

The fabulous lake is located at an altitude of more than two kilometers above sea level. This reservoir is called the “heart” of Fan.

The area of Lake Iskanderkul is 3.4 km², depth 72 meters. The oval lake is filled with hydrocarbonate-calcium water, which is beneficial for health. On the shore there is a Tajik meteorological station and a limestone rock on which Russian travelers left inscriptions in 1870.

Legend has it that Alexander the Great passed through here with his army and lost his favorite horse. The lake was decided to be named after the great commander, who is known in Asia under the name Iskandar.

The blue lake water looks very beautiful against the contrast of snow lying on mountain peaks. The turbulent Iskandardarya River flows out of the lake: it forms a delightful waterfall that pours its waters from a height of 38 meters.