The rich history and rich cultural heritage, the unique colorful nature and paradise places of Tajikistan are a stable basis for the development of tourism, which is considered a reliable source of development of the national economy.

Currently, there are more than 200 travel companies, 182 hotels, 26 hostels and motels, 45 sanatoriums, 8 health centers and clinics, 10 holiday homes, 1 boarding house, 1 campsite and 4 recreation and tourism centers.

The climate of Tajikistan is continental and subtropical, with moderate and cold temperatures in the mountains.

In a short time you will be able to visit the snowy foothills of the eastern Pamirs in the Shahritus region of the southern part of the country (Khatlon region) with a temperature of 40 degrees.

For example, the banks of 947 rivers, lakes, reservoirs, mineral springs, foothills, mountainous regions of Tajikistan, Karategin, Darvaz, Pamir mountain glaciers, waterfalls, natural and historical objects, favorable climate, flora and fauna of mountainous areas will become a stable basis for the territorial organization of tourism and will contribute to the development of the economy and the socio-economic level of Tajikistan.

In the process of developing domestic and international tourism in Tajikistan, more than 3,000 registered monuments of history and culture, a large number of environmental resources are being studied for inclusion in the tourist list.

Arriving in Tajikistan, travelers can not only conquer the grandiose peaks of the Pamir Mountains, but also follow eco routes, see colorful buildings, and plunge into the atmosphere of rich Tajik culture.

The main attraction of Tajikistan, of course, is Dushanbe – the capital of the state and cultural center. You can start your trip around Tajikistan right from the capital.

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