One of the natural attractions of the Sughd region begins 20 km from Khujand – the Kayrakkum reservoir. This artificial lake was created in the 1950s to install a hydroelectric power station and regulate the flow of the Syr Darya. Residents of a country that does not have access to the world ocean often call it the “Tajik Sea”.

In numbers, the Kayrakkum reservoir looks quite impressive: length 55 km, width 20 km, maximum depth 25 meters, and the total volume of water is 4.2 km3. The length of the dam is 1205 meters and its height is 32 meters. In addition, in cold winters the Kayrakkum reservoir freezes over, and in summer the air temperature near the coast is 30-35 degrees Celsius.

The artificial lake has become a new ecosystem of the region: its waters are rich in commercial fish species (pike, carp, catfish, pikeperch, bream and others), and it has also become a stopover for migratory birds that annually travel from northern Asia to India and other countries.

Over its half-century history, the Kayrakkum reservoir has become a popular vacation spot. Along the coast stretch various sanatoriums, recreation areas and children’s camps. It is a great place for swimming as well as fishing.

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Tajikistan has many domestic and international visitors whose journeys within the country are driven by their faith. They want to visit places of religious significance,

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