Marguzor Lakes

In the Penjikent district of the Sughd region, in the Shing River gorge, at the western edge of the Fan Mountains lies an amazing system of seven Marguzor lakes.

The seventh lake, Khazorchashma, is the source, and its brothers were formed as a result of blockages. Each of the lakes is connected by the waters of a turbulent mountain river that amazes with its beauty and purity.

The Marguzor lakes stretch along the entire course of the Shing River from an altitude of 1600 to 2400 meters above sea level. They have a blockage origin, their natural dams were formed millions of years ago as a result of earthquakes and mudstone flows during glacier melting.

  • “Mijgon” (“Eyelash”) – the first lake in the cascade, located at an altitude of 1640 meters above sea level. Mijgon is the pearl of the entire magnificent seven – small, tightly surrounded by steep cliffs, it lies peacefully in the shape of a girl’s eyebrow. Its waters, lying in a deep basin, resemble frozen glass, and their color constantly changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions. The lake can be turquoise, purple and blue, and at sunset it sometimes turns burgundy. This happens due to special mineral substances that are abundant in this purest water. They are also present in other lakes.
  • “Soya” (“Shadow”). The mountain road winds around a steep blockage bridge, leading travelers to the second lake with the mysterious name Soya. Its height above sea level is 1740 m, and its waters are overflowing with all shades of blue, sometimes turning into indigo. Through transparent water you can see stones whose color changes depending on the time of day. The lake got its name because sunlight never reaches its surface due to steep cliffs.
  • “Khushyor” (“Vigilant”). It lies 1 km from the second lake at an altitude of 1770 m. Near this lake begin the main mountain, pedestrian and bike routes for tourists.
  • “Nofin” (“Skedina” or “Umbilical cord”). Nofin is located at an altitude of 1820 m – the longest of the lakes. Its length is 2 km and its width is 400 m. The color of the water shimmers with all shades of green and reflects the purest turquoise. About halfway there is a grove – a rare occurrence for Marguzor lakes. There are many guest houses along the shores, there is a local settlement and a school.
  • “Khurdak” (“Baby”). The fifth lake lies at an altitude of 1870 m above the village of Padrud. This is the smallest of the lakes, for which it got its name. The locals here are very peaceful and welcome tourists. Here the gentle ascent becomes sharp and rocky, and after 2 km the road leads to the sixth Marguzor lake.
  • “Marguzor” (“Meadow”). The lake is located at an altitude of 2140 m above sea level and is rightly considered the most picturesque and majestic. Its length is 4.5 km and its depth is about 45 m. The mountain trail leads to the northern edge of the lake and runs along the right bank. The slopes of the surrounding mountains are steep and almost vertical. The color of the water is tender-azure, and in the vicinity there are limestone boulders with drawings of primitive people.
  • “Khazorchashma” (“Thousand Springs”). The seventh lake lies at an altitude of 2333 m and gives rise to the entire system of Marguzor lakes. It was formed from many springs and streams gushing from under the ground. The Gissar and Darakhti Surkh rivers flow into it. Around Khazorchashma grow birches, whose seeds were brought here by birds according to legend.

The difference between the location of the first and seventh lakes is about 692 m. The nature here is stunningly beautiful, which is worth visiting at least once. But having been here once, you will definitely want to come back again.


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