The Mugteppa

In the north of Tajikistan is the city of Istaravshan, founded in the 6th century BC. Today it is a tourist center that attracts visitors with its ancient mosques, caravanserais and mausoleums.

The Mugteppa settlement was located in Istaravshan in the 2nd-7th centuries. This was the place of residence of the local aristocracy, who built numerous castles here with a peculiar and expressive architecture. This is evidenced by the discovered settlements of Bunjikat (Kahkaha) and Chilhujra, which had well-fortified structures with palace and cult buildings decorated with paintings and carved panels.

In Bunjikat, in particular, a painting was found depicting a she-wolf feeding two infants – evidence of contacts between the West and the East. On Mug Hill, where the residence of the local ruler was located, only the gates with a dome and columns on the sides have survived to this day.



Navruz is an ancient holiday, taking its origins from first century B.C. on territories of Ancient Persia, which includes the land of modern Tajikistan, and

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