Sanatorium «Bakhoriston»

In a prosperous and beautiful corner of the Sughd region of Tajikistan, on the shores of the transparent Kayrokkum reservoir, which is also called the “Tajik Sea,” the new modern resort “Bakhoriston” is located. The resort has gained popularity thanks to its new infrastructure, modern diagnostic and medical facilities and high level of service. The […]

Sanatorium “Shokhambari”

The Shokhambari sanatorium is located in the Hisar valley, 25 km northwest of the city of Dushanbe at an altitude of 1150 m, in a picturesque area in the Hisar mountains, near the village of Shokhambari.The Shokhambari spring, with its physical and chemical composition, with its healing properties, is on the same level as the […]

Sanatorium «Khoja Obi Garm »

Khoja Obi Garm sanatorium was founded in 1934. The sanatorium is located 50 km north of Dushanbe in the central part of the southern slope of the Gissar ridge, at an altitude of 1940-1960 meters. Initially, the sanatorium housed tents in which guests lived and underwent various health procedures. Later, several residential buildings were built.During […]

«Safed-dara» ski resort

You can have a great winter holiday, go skiing, and experience the pleasure of winter fun in this only ski resort in Tajikistan – Safed-Dara. The abundance of snow and clear, sunny, windless weather make the base an ideal place for a winter holiday. The Safed Dara ski complex offers 3 illuminated slopes with a […]

Sanatorium «Saturn»

The new Saturn Resort in the village of Shambari, Gissar region of the Republic of Tajikistan, which opened in the spring of 2015, specializes in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular and other diseases.The sanatorium is located right next to the Shambari spring. The boarding […]

Sanatorium «Sarob»

In Sarob you can enjoy a relaxing holiday and get maximum health benefits. The sanatorium provides an opportunity to take a break from problems and worries, receive preventive and therapeutic procedures that will help you regain strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Sarob” is a year-round hotel and health complex located in one of the […]

Sanatorium «Puli Sangin»

“Puli Sangin” is one of the best luxury boarding houses and resorts in Tajikistan located along the Vakhsh River, in a very beautiful landscape area of the country. The sanatorium takes its name from the name of the village in which it is located and in Russian is translated as “Stone Bridge”. This resort was […]

Sanatorium “Zumrad”

10 kilometers from the city of Isfara, in the northern part of Tajikistan, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, in a picturesque place there is a famous resort area – the Zumrad sanatorium. Now it’s the height of the holiday season at the Zumrad sanatorium. On the territory of the resort, in […]