Sanatorium «Sarob»

In Sarob you can enjoy a relaxing holiday and get maximum health benefits. The sanatorium provides an opportunity to take a break from problems and worries, receive preventive and therapeutic procedures that will help you regain strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Sarob” is a year-round hotel and health complex located in one of the most picturesque corners of Tajikistan – the Varzob Gorge (about 2000 m above sea level).

“Sarob” includes two complexes: health and hotel and recreational complexes. On its territory there is a unique radon source, the only thermal geyser in the world with a temperature of +98 C.
The hot mineral springs of Khoja-Obi-Garm have been known since ancient times. They emerge from fault zones and cracks in red granites. Waters similar in composition to local waters were found only in France.

Radon procedures
Natural mineral springs of water enriched with radon have the greatest healing effect. That is why sanatoriums offering radon baths based on it and located in close proximity to a natural source of radon water are so popular. Therapeutic effects: Radon therapy is currently an effective alternative to treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Our radon procedures are primarily radon steam, radon pool, radon circular shower and radon rising shower.

Physiotherapeutic procedures
Physiotherapeutic procedures are based on the therapeutic effects of natural, artificially created natural factors on the human body. Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment and rehabilitation increase the overall tone of the body and help relieve fatigue.

Conference hall
Possibility of providing a conference room/hall with seating arrangements (U-shaped, round table, theater or classroom (with the possibility of creating working groups). The conference room in the hotel and health complex is a spacious room with an area of 92 m² with good acoustics and high-tech equipment , which can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people. The hall provides a separate entrance for event participants, an area for coffee breaks and business lunches.
A high-quality sound system provides clear and spacious sound. Our halls always have drinking water, a projector, a screen, speakers, a blackboard, a flipchart board and WiFi. We can also provide a laptop and a printer if necessary, and we can provide other office supplies on a paid basis by prior arrangement.


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