«Safed-dara» ski resort

You can have a great winter holiday, go skiing, and experience the pleasure of winter fun in this only ski resort in Tajikistan – Safed-Dara. The abundance of snow and clear, sunny, windless weather make the base an ideal place for a winter holiday.

The Safed Dara ski complex offers 3 illuminated slopes with a total length of 2000 m, which are equipped with a cable car with a capacity of 1 thousand people per hour (lifting time about 7 minutes).

The infrastructure of the complex allows you to spend time intensively. GLK “Safed-Dara” provides a platform for individual, family and corporate year-round recreation. The main advantage of the Safed-Dara ski resort is the compact location of service facilities on the territory, the close proximity of the ski slopes to the restaurant, hotels and rental points.

In addition to the steep slopes, visitors’ attention is also attracted by the entertaining children’s playground, where you can go snow tubing, sledding, and also on new snowmobiles.

The word Safed-dara itself is translated from the Tajik language as “White Gorge”, which means a white place. Safed Dara was officially put into operation on December 30, 2016. This ski resort has a history dating back to 1975 during the Soviet Union.

At the moment, Safeddara is a new reconstructed center for which about 10 million US dollars were spent on renovation. Safed-Dara is one of the best places for recreation and winter activities in Tajikistan and belongs to the Farroz company, which was officially purchased from the state in 2015. The total territory of this tourist area is about 80 hectares. In general, Safed Dara can serve more than 1 thousand people per day.

The visiting season in this complex begins when the snow height reaches at least 20 cm, and this usually happens in mid-December and lasts approximately until the Navruz holiday (March 20th). It is recommended to visit Safeddara on New Year’s days as it organizes