Sanatorium “Shokhambari”

The Shokhambari sanatorium is located in the Hisar valley, 25 km northwest of the city of Dushanbe at an altitude of 1150 m, in a picturesque area in the Hisar mountains, near the village of Shokhambari.
The Shokhambari spring, with its physical and chemical composition, with its healing properties, is on the same level as the mineral waters of Essentuki, Borjomi and others.

The composition of this healing water contains salts, sulfate, chloride, hydrocarbons, sodium, and the temperature is 33-36 degrees Celsius. It is the best medicine for the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, movement and support, nerves, penis, diabetes mellitus (first and second degree), liver, skin, etc. Wide use of “Shokhambari” mineral water from the source, the mineral content of which is 2, 0-3.5 g/l, extremely convenient when treating patients outside of clinical settings.

The hostel has 500 beds on an area of 17 hectares.

For the first time in 1952, healing water was discovered in the Shokhambari region, which began to be used to treat people. In 1986, new fresh water sources were dug. In 1990, a new 5-story hotel building was built.