The Dashitijum State Nature Reserve

The Dashitijum State Nature Reserve, located on the southern slope of the Darvaz ridge, in the Shamsiddin Shokhin district of Khatlon region, was created by a Resolution of the Government of Tajikistan on an area of 19.7 thousand hectares. It is located 40 kilometers from the city of Kulob and 240 kilometers from Dushanbe. The reserve was organized to preserve the last full-fledged and viable population of the screw-horned goat (markhor) in Central Asia, as well as the Central Asian mouflon.

The mountain ranges of the Shamsiddin Shokhin region are picturesque forested hills and in some areas rocky terrain. The most pronounced feature of the terrain is the presence of diverse flora and fauna, as well as unique landscapes.

Hiking trails are laid through picturesque hills. From November to December, photo hunting for animals listed in the Red Book is carried out by agreement with the management of the reserve.

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