Peak Engels & Meadow

Peak Engels is located in the central part of the Shohdara in the south-west of the Pamirs in Tajikistan with a height of 6,510 m. The peak was discovered by the Russian explorers at the end of 19th century and named after Empress Mariya (wife of Emperor Alexander III Maria Feodorovna). In 1954 the Soviet alpinist climed it and later it was renamed in the honor of communist theorist, Friedrich Engels. It is a peak with sprinkling of snow even in the summer times.

There are not even lichens and mosses in the alpine glacial zone, on the rocky walls (in the nival belt). Grasses grow in the lower part of the Kishtijarob gorge, where the base camps of mountaineering expeditions are set up. There are only vole mice, ground squirrels and insects in the gorges, as there is not grass for large animals in the gorges leading to the peak.


Travelling to the Site

Engel’s peak could be reached from the Zong village and Dirch village of Ishkoshim. The road to the peak Engels peak starts from Zong village. Zong is in the south-east from Khorog in Ishkoshim district (Wakhan valley). The distance from Khorog to Zong is 217 km and from the district center 115km. From Zong village, visitors can walk through the meadow to the Marx and Engels base camp, where they can enjoy watching Peak Engels.