Childukhtaron Mountain

One of the most beautiful natural places in the south of Tajikistan is the Childukhtaron Mountain. It is located in the Muminabad district of Khatlon region of Tajikistan, about 250 kilometers south of Dushanbe. Childukhtaron mountain is located 28 km north of the center of Muminobod district near Dashti village. It is made up of pyramidal rocks up to 60 m which was eroded by long winds. There are many legends about this mountain, which show the heroism of 40 girls against foreign invaders. This site attracts visitors due to its extraordinary beauty and the poetic name of Childukhtaron, which is translated as the Forty Girls. In fact, every pyramid-shaped rock is a statue of the goddess of beauty, a symbol of purity and patriotism for every spectator.

The Legend of Childukhtaron

In the ancient times, foreigners invaded Khatlon, enslaved men, women, boys and girls and sold them to distant lands. The heroic men defended homeland and fought valiantly against the enemies. It was a fierce fighting, in which men and women, and even the most beautiful peacocks of this land, stood up \ to defend their borders. Eventually, the enemy prevailed with great force, and the unarmed and helpless population fled to the majestic mountains.

At that time a group of girls, who were constantly defeating the main force of the enemy, could not withstand the intense pressure of the bloodthirsty and cursed enemies and took refuge in the mountains. The enemies aimed to capture the girls alive. When the girls saw that they cannot save their honour and chastity, they prayed to God to not be taken as hostage. The prayer of each one of them is answered by the Almighty God. By the command of this Creator, all beings, girls each turned into stone while standing. Since that time these stone statues are revered as the symbols of purity, freedom, patriotism, pride and honour.


Travelling to the Site

The journey to Childukhtaron is not particularly difficult, but the one-way journey will take about a few hours from Muminobod district to Childukhtaron.

A taxi can be hired from Kulob travelling to the center of Muminobod district. To drive further visitors will need a jeep or all-terrain vehicle, which is worth renting for the whole day. Different tourist groups offer tourist service, taking them not only for a tour but rest, and have a taste of national dishes, including oshi burida, dughob (local yogurt), chapoti, fruits and fresh salads. Walking, hiking and picnic are the main activities that visitors can enjoy while resting in the fresh weather and green meadows at the bottom of these majestic rocks.

Множество термальных источников. Таджикистан известен своими термальными источниками, которые имеют лечебные свойства. Здесь можно попробовать различные процедуры на основе термальных вод.

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Tajikistan has many domestic and international visitors whose journeys within the country are driven by their faith. They want to visit places of religious significance,

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