Mausoleum of Khoja Shaqiq Balkhi

While travelling from Dushanbe to Kulob, visitor can pass the village of Khoja Shaqiq, now Sebiston. There is a beautiful mausoleum located on the hill of this village at a distance of 2 km from the main road. The date of the construction of mausoleum is not known, but it was built to honor the famous Sufi saint Khoja Shaqiq Balkhi.

Legend of Khoja Shaqiqi Balkhi

Abu Ali Shaqiq ibn Ibrahim Balkhi is credited as one of the outstanding Islamic scholars. His name is mentioned in several tazkiras (biographies) of the saints, according to which he had studied under famous Sufi scholars, visited Mecca and Madina. Khoja Shaqiq had many followers and nurtured in them the confidence, contentment, piety, and tolerance. Shaykh Shaqiq was murdered around 809 -810, while travelling from Khatlon to Washgird, (present Sebiston) in Danghara district.

The mausoleum was restored recently by compassionate entrepreneurs. It consists of a porch, an underground corridor and a small round room with six towers of different sizes made of baked bricks.


Travelling to the Site

Khoja Shaqiq (currently Sebiston) village is located 85 kilometers away from Dushanbe. A dusty road, which goes through the tombs leads to the mausoleum. This is an attractive destination for pilgrims.