Monument of Ismoil Somoni

Monument to Ismoil Somoni is located in Dusti square in Dushanbe.

The monument to the first Founder (Emir) of the Tajik nation (Samanid dynasty) Ismoil Somoni was erected in 1999 in Dusti square (square former named after Lenin and “Ozodi”) in central part of the administration area of Ismoili Somoni in Dushanbe in honor of 1100 anniversary of the Samanid Empire, the first Tajik nation, “Statue to remember the national unity and the revival of Tajikistan”.
The impressive bronze statue is 13m tall. A marvelous monument decorated with the arch made of stalactite topped by a large gilt crown (with a diameter of 5 meters).

The overall height of the monument altogether with the arch is 43m. There is also a museum and a prototype of mausoleum of the Samanids (IX—X centuries in Bukhara) inside the monument. The statue to Ismoil Somoni stands on pedestal flanked by two bronze-made lions representing the country’s stability and the guarantor of peace and the national consensus.
Most impressive monument is the most visited and loved place in Dushanbe by tourists and is considered to be one of the significant architecture of the Republic of Tajikistan.



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