National Flag Park

The National Flag Park has a special tailored design and architecture that makes it look different from other city parks. The park has two gates – one is from the side of “Palace of Nation” (Qasri Millat) and the second one is from the side of Ismoil Somoni street. The National flag stands in the centre of the park (165m tall) giving a mesmerizing view to the whole area. There is a large lake within the territory of the park and there are buffets and cafes in the centre and about 10 boats/kayaks at the lakeside for those interested in water sport or water amusements. Once inside the park, the visitors can see a lot of fountains inside and outside of the park, as well as at the National Flag itself; the various high-power lights around the flag are installed to make the evening park look amazing. Moreover, there is a sport field where a statue of an eagle with open wings is set up.

And considering the interest of the youth, there are 5 hills connected to each other and 8 engraving towers had been built inside the park nearby to the sport field. To facilitate various meetings and a number of games and celebrations, there is a circle-shaped area is also provided. It have been planted more than 10 thousand seedlings (of 50 kinds) of shadowy and floriferous trees. The area of alleys and gardens make up about 4km. There are statues of 31 well-known and distinguished heroes of the nation history, such as Kurushi Kabir, Jamshed, Shohi Kayoniyon, Nizomulmulk, Head Army – King Husein, King of Khatlon, Rudaki, Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Ismoili Somoni, Temurmalik, Vose and etc. stand nearby to the National Museum within the gardens of the park. The special vehicles are provided for the sightseeing of the guest and visitors. In addition, there are 8 ponds that each of them comprise of a cafe in the centre.