Sadriddin Ayni Park

Sadriddin Ayni Park is a cultural and recreational park that was set up in 1960 in northern part of Dushanbe. The overall area of park makes up 6 hectares. The main alley of the park leads to the circle-shaped part that is full of gardens with flowers running to the second entrance.

There are number of terraces, balconies, teahouse (choyhona), small architectural shapes, designing peculiarities of the park, fountains and etc. in the territory of the park. Furthermore, a lot of varieties of trees, bushes, plants and flowers have been planted all over the park.

In honor of well-known individuals of the country there is a memorial that was built in the main garden of the central park. The alley leads to the mausoleum of Sadriddin Ayni that have been set up on top of his grave in 1958-1960 (author of the sculptural bust of Sadriddin Ayni is the sculptor A.A. Manuilov).
The design of the park has been tailored by the architect Y.G. Snegovskiy in 1958 at the public service “Tojikgiprostroy”. However, the park have been rebuilt and reconstructed by the end of 80s.

There is the main walking area among the garden with the monument of a sitting man at the entrance to the park – it is a monument to Sadriddin Ayni that surrounded with the beautiful fountains. Besides, there is a cemetery of the writer, first academic, founder of the Tajik modern literature – Sadriddin Ayni inside the mausoleum at the end of the garden.

The height of the monument to Sadriddin Ayni is 5.8m having an area of 57 m2 have been built by the sculptor Gafurjon Juraev.