The Mausoleum of Mawlono Qutbiddin

The mausoleum of Mawlono Qutbiddin is located about 30km away from the centre of the district of Baljuwon. It is situated in the southern part of the district, in the Olichadara village of the village council of Degtur. The mausoleum was built in the XVI century but has turned into ruin. It was repaired in 2003 and catches the views of every visitor coming to the Baljuwon district. They make a pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Mawlono Qutbiddin who is believed to be of the holy figures in Islam.

Architecture of the Fortress

The wall of the mausoleum is constructed from high-quality baked bricks. There is an arched, semicircular entrance in the center of the building. The entrance is decorated with carved double doors. Its windows are arched and decorated with wooden bars. However, the roof building is not repaired well. Due to the bad road, it is difficult to travel to this mausoleum. It should be noted that most of the surrounding residents and the community do not have sufficient information about this mausoleum and personality.

The area of site, including it is surrounding garden is more than 1 hectare. There are two tombs inside it. These tombs are covered covered with green cloth. The ceiling of the mausoleum is made of wood and painted in different colors. The courtyard of the mausoleum was separated by an iron fence, and in the courtyard of the mausoleum there was a room with a corridor of about 3 to 5 meters, which is in a very dilapidated condition. According to the construction of this room, it is known that it is the residence of the guard of the mausoleum and the cemetery. Inside the room, a broken clay pot was made, and it turned out that the pot was found in the same cemetery.

The mausoleum is attributed to Khoja Qutbiddin Yahya Nishopuri who has lived in between XIII- XIV centuries in Iran and Central Asia. It is believed that this wise man traveled from Nishapur, Iran to Baljuwon in Khatlon, where he died and was buried. A masoleum was constructed for him around 16th century. Since then, the mausoleum became the place of pilgrimage, and worship for the local, and visitors.


Travelling to the Site

The mausoleum of Mavlono Qutbuddin Nishopuri is located in the southern part of the center of Baljuvon district, in the village Olichadarai bolo. It is 5 km far from the centre of Jamoat of Safar Amirshoev, and some 14 km away from the district center. It can be reached by traveling through damaged road from the town of Baljuwon to the jamoat of Safar Amirshoev. It is located about 14 km away from the center of Baljuwon district, and 5 km far from the center of Jamoat of Safar Amirshoev. Jeep tours can be organized for sightseeing in the location. Tourist can enjoy observing traditional way of farming, wildlife, and fields around

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