The Mausoleum of Mawlono Obiddin

The mausoleum of Mavlono Obiddin is an historical monument located the south-eastern part of the Korez village of Dangara district. The building of the mausoleum was destroyed in 1940s, and its bricks were used to construct a bathhouse for the kolkhoz (collective farm). The remains of a tomb made of baked bricks were find inside the mausoleum. It also consists of an underground, and above- ground tombs. The above tomb has a square shape and a canopy, 150 cm high.

The mausoleum consists of two parts: a shrine and a tomb. The inner shape of the tomb is eight cornered and is supported by a wall. There are four tombs, which are made of bricks, in which Mavlono Obiddin and his relatives are buried. The shrine consists of a small pedestal. The mausoleum walls are plastered, and the floor is paved with bricks.


Travelling to the Site

The mausoleum of Mawlono Obiddin is located near the center of the Danghara district. Visitors can travel for 6km from the centre of the distirct to reach to Korez jamoat, where the site is located.


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