Grum-Grzhemaylo Glacier

The Grumm-Grzhemaylo is a valley tree-like glacier in the central Pamirs in Tajikistan. It is located at the base of the Revolution Peak and on the slopes of the Yazgulem ridge. This glacier is the second-largest glacier in the Pamirs after the Fedchenko glacier. The Grumm-Grzhemaylo glacier is located in the Tanymas valley, in the Pamirs. The glacier is 37 km long, with an area of 142.9 sq. km, the height of the end of the tongue is 3,610 m. Geographic coordinates: (lat: 38.405693 N long: 72.294308 E). The main mountainous knot and the main glacier of the region lie to the south of the Tanymas valley, directly adjacent to the ridge of the Southern group of the Fedchenko glacier.

The Grumm-Grzhemaylo glacier flows down from the northeastern slope of the Revolution peak (6940), the first third flows to the east, and then turn to the north. A short but full-flowing stream from the glacier flows into the Tanymas River, a tributary of Bartang River. The glacier receives eight large tributaries to the left from the Vysokaya Stena ridge and three smaller tributaries to the right from the Kholodnaya Stena ridge. The largest left tributaries are the Upper Muzkulak, the Maly Muz-kulak and the Lower Muz-kulak.

The glacier was discovered in 1887, by Russian explorers. It was fully examined in 1928, and in 1948, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR, at the request of the Geographical Society of the USSR, assigned the Muz-Kulak glacier the name of the pioneers Grigory Efimovich and V.E. Grumm-Grzhemaylo, who discovered this glacier in 1887.


Travelling to the Site

Travelling to the bottom Grizhimaylo visitor would enjoy the pristine nature of the area. The first trek path to the glacier starts from the village of Poimazor in Wanj district. The village of Poi Mazor (Foot of the Shrine) can be reached by car. From there tourists can go by pack transport or work on foot with a guide and stop at a nearby Khrustalnyi geologists’ settlement. From there they take the exit to the Medvezhy glacier and follow the paths to moraine pocket of the Grumm-Grzhemaylo glacier.
The next trekking route to the glacier is from Pasor village in the upper Bartang valley near the Khafrazdara, from where visitors can trek to Grumm Grizhimayo. This trek is approximately 60 km long (round trip). It ends at a point with a stunning view of the glaciers.

Trekking route to Grum-Grzhemaylo from Khafrazdara (Pasor village)- Rushon districtIn recent years, the Grummm – Grzhemaylo glacier area turned into the most visited mountain area in the Pamirs. It is drawing visitor’s attention with its high passes and peaks. The snow-white glaciers and pristine nature make this area a unique place for mountain tourism and sports. 

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