Navruz is an ancient holiday, taking its origins from first century B.C. on territories of Ancient Persia, which includes the land of modern Tajikistan, and represents the vernal equinox. This holiday represents the start of new year and renovation of the nature. It’s celebrated in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, but is of a main importance in Tajikistan.

Nowadays, after more than two thousand years, Navruz remains one of the main holidays in Tajikistan. In 2009 Navruz was included into UNESCO representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, and in 2010 on 64th session of United Nations General Assembly the 21st of March was recognized as International Day of Navruz.

Navruz is usually celebrated with traditional rituals, food and festivals. People wear traditional dresses, cook national dishes, especially the main dish of Navruz – Sumanak, the national dish made of germinated wheat, cooked for more than 12 hours. They also play traditional melodies and sing traditional songs. The celebration lasts for several days, but the main celebration is on the first day of Navruz.

During this holiday many tourists visit Tajikistan to experience the colorful culture and beautiful landscapes. Tourists can visit variety of ancient sites, explore beautifully outstanding rural areas and take part in Navruz traditions. From breathtaking mountains of Pamirs to the astonishing lake of Iskandarkul, Tajikistan is a perfect place to experience the essence of Navruz. If you are seeking the for a remarkable experience, why not to visit Tajikistan during this holiday. You won’t regret!


«Camping Village»

Camping Village – a tent village in picturesque gorge Saratag. Have you seen how beautiful is the picturesque Saratag gorge?Imagine green meadows, fast mountain river,

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An agrarian city of Tajikistan, famous for its enchanting vineyards, hardworking people and a large aluminum factory. Season: — march-november The cost includes: — transfer

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