Khargushi Junction

The Khargushi Junction is located at the altitude of 4,091 to 4,344 above the sea level. It is a strategic point in linking Eastern and Western Pamirs. The highroad which goes from Langar village of Ishkoshim to the Alichur village of Murghob district passes through this junction and steppe. It is approximately 212 km far from Khorog (center of GBAO) and 110 km far from Murghob. This pass or junction also marks the natural border between the settled areas and vast steppes of the Eastern Pamirs, where nomadic lifestyle prevails. The junction serves as a crossroad, as there are four roads going through it. Road from Murghob, from Zorkul, from Ishkoshim and from Shohdara. “Dasht-I-Khargoshi”, a steppe near the junction, is a twenty miles long flat desert

The altitude of 4000 m makes the weather there harsh, cold, windy, dry, sharply continental and characterized by sharp seasonal and even daily temperature fluctuations. Due to rain, heavy snow fall, avalanches, and cold weather, the road is usually closed from October to June. Khargushi steppe is an alpine lifeless desert without any flora or fauna, except the thorns. However, shepherds still graze the flock there in the pastures. The graze usually includes sheep, goats and cows. The road leading to the pass is full of gravel, rocks and rough, yet travelers find it interesting and excitement to pass this challenging junction. It is steep, and it gets passed through the remote areas of Pamirs.


Travelling to Khargushi

The famous Silk Road passed through this junction. Khargushi pass allowed caravan from Afghanistan and India to reach to China. In the years of the Great Game the agents of both Russian, and British empires passed this junction to investigate Pamirs. The Soviet constructed high road through this pass, allowing them to provide supply to its border districts in Ishkoshim. The junction can be reached by travelling from Ishkoshim. It can also be reached from Murghob district, and from Roshtqal’a district. Usually, tourists pass it while they are travelling to one of these destinations.

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