Khoja Mumin Salt Moutain

The salt mountain of Khoja Mumin is located in the south of Tajikistan, 25 kilometres southwest of Kulob the shore of the Yakhsu River in Vose district. Khoja Mumin in shape resembles a giant dome, towering 900 m above the surrounding plain (absolute height 1332 m). It is visible from kilometers away. The residents of […]

The Spring of Bibi Fatima-i Zahro

The Spring of Bibi Fatima-i Zahro is situated in just a short distance from Yamchun village of Ishkoshim district at the elevation of 3,025 meters above the sea. It is 83 km away from the center of Ishkoshim district and 200 km away from Khorog.The Bibi Fotima spring’s location is miraculous. The hot spring is […]

Garm Chashma

Множество термальных источников. Таджикистан известен своими термальными источниками, которые имеют лечебные свойства. Здесь можно попробовать различные процедуры на основе термальных вод.

The first destination located on the highroad between Khorog and Ishkoshim is Garm Chashma (literally meaning hot spring). The spring is located at the elevation of 2529 meter of the sea in the same village. The spring water contains sulphate-carbonate, chloride-hydrocarbonate and sodium-siliceous elements. The average annual temperature of the site is 6.70 ° C […]


Chiluchor Chashma is one of the remarkable freshwater springs in the Khatlon province. It is located on the right bank of the Kofarnihon river and is 12 kilometers to the west of Shahritus district. This is a well-known spring, and mausoleum in Nosiri Khusrav district of Khatlon region. The site is located at 230 km […]


One of the natural attractions of the Sughd region begins 20 km from Khujand – the Kayrakkum reservoir. This artificial lake was created in the 1950s to install a hydroelectric power station and regulate the flow of the Syr Darya. Residents of a country that does not have access to the world ocean often call […]

Rogun Medical Resort Obi Garm

Medical Resort Obi Garm is located 2.2km away from the center of Rogun, near the Dushanbe – Lakhsh – Osh road. The hot water rises from a depth of 300 meters, which is 75оС. The water is held in a special large concrete container so that its temperature reaches 35-40оС and then it is used […]