Victory Park

The Victory Park was opened in 1975 in honor of 40th anniversary of the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War. This park was constructed in line with the draft of the architects B.A. Zuhurdinov, A.M. Sherbinin and sculptor D.B. Ryabichev.

The main entrance of the park leads to the memorials starting from Dustii Khalqho street through the garden staircase towards the centre of the park and reaching the exhibition area and eternal flame. The authors had thoroughly and properly tailored the monument that it can be perfectly observed from the different perspectives, both from the side of the city, streets and separate districts and areas. While drafting, the architects had carefully thought over the exact movement of the visitors within the park. While taking a walk in the park, the person might reflect and realize the courage of our fathers and grandfathers who sacrificed their lives for the peace of next generation.

The visitors go to the staircase and pass through the field of grief to the observation area where the Alley of Heroes (60 Heroes of the Soviet Union) would be started. From the line along the field and stairs rises a tombstone over the grave. Moreover, there is a line with a gilded letters saying “No one and nothing is forgotten” on the marble walls of the guest area located nearby in honor of the heroes.

As a summary it should be noted that a various natural stones, marble, iron and concrete sheet, and so on had been used as a decoration items and materials. The Victory Park complex is incomparable in terms of its beautiful architecture in Central Asia and has a significant contribution in military and patriotic education of the youth. This is the place where a military parade is held on 9th of May every year. The Victory Park is the favorite place of the citizens of Dushanbe and districts and areas around it.


Grotto Shakhty

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At the initiative of the respected Leader of the Nation, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon,

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