Khatlon Region

In Khatlon region due to the availability of natural, historical, cultural and environmental resources, tourism can be one of the priorities of the region’s economy.
The analysis shows that every year the number of foreign tourists wishing to visit the tourist areas of Khatlon region increases.
Currently, there are 4 tourist companies in the region, and their number will be increased several times.
There are 582 historical and cultural sites, 32 museums, 32 town-planning monuments, architectural and monumental buildings, 34 recreation areas and 60 hotels in the region. Also in the region there are 13 resorts and sanatorium.
The priority directions of tourism in the region are:
– mountain sports and eco-tourism-more in cities such as Baljuvon, Muminabad, Norak, Sarband, Khuroson, Shamsiddin Shohin and Khovaling adapted in this context along the road Baljuvan-Sari Khosor, Kulyab-Childukhtaron will be built new types of houses such as Homstays, Guesthouses and hostels with the provision of water supply and Sewerage services;
– skiing – mainly on the territory of Shamsiddin Shokhin should be created favorable conditions for this type of tourism and it is advisable in the future to build a base for skiing and horse riding;
– hunting tourism, fishing is more popular in cities and districts Dusti, Baljuvon, Muminabad district and the Shamsiddin Shohin. Today, fishing and self-cooking of fish during the trip is very popular among tourists, and it can attract tourists in the region, both local and international tourists;
– historical and cultural tourism in most cities and districts of the region have a preference, such as Bokhtar, Kulob and Vakhsh, Kubodien, Vose, Shamsiddin Shohin, Baljuvon, Khovaling, Muminabad, Shahritus and Farkhor. It should be noted that the ancient city of Kulob has 2700 years of history and is located on the Silk Road. Referring to the rich and colorful history of the city of Kulob, the Commonwealth of Independent States declared it a cultural and historical city among the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2015;
– at the same time, the ancient city of scientific-cultural center of the ancient Hotelone – Khulbuk with the construction and architectural point of view still has no equal in the world;
– health tourism has a great preference in the cities and districts of Norak, Vose, Muminabad, Temurmalik. It should be noted that day after day the tourism industry in this region is developing, with the construction of roads of international standards, bridges, to cities and areas near the capital, such as Norak and Vose, the construction of tourism infrastructure, the creation of camps and resorts requires domestic capital.
– religious and pilgrim tourism is more popular in cities and districts of Nurek, Dusti, Shahrituz, Kulob, Dangara, Baljuvon, Muminobod, Shamsiddin Shohin and Khovaling. It should be noted that all the cities and districts of the region in terms of the priority of the industry are attractive and impressive. Especially such ancient places as Takhti Sangin, Chiluchorchashma, Childuhtaron, the mausoleum of Imam Zainalabidin, the great scientist and thinker of the East Mir Sayid Alija Hamadoni in recent years attracte the attention of the world community.


Kofir Qala

Kofir Qala is located at the western outskirt of the centre of Jaloliddini Balkhi district. The district is located 32 km far from the city

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Takhti Sangin

Takhti Sangin is perhaps the most famous ancient site in Tajikistan. It is situated 34km far from Qabodiyon district at the confluence of two tributaries

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