The Spring of Bibi Fatima-i Zahro

The Spring of Bibi Fatima-i Zahro is situated in just a short distance from Yamchun village of Ishkoshim district at the elevation of 3,025 meters above the sea. It is 83 km away from the center of Ishkoshim district and 200 km away from Khorog.The Bibi Fotima spring’s location is miraculous. The hot spring is surrounded with a small forest and crystal-clear water coming from the glaciers. By opening the door to the hot spring, a huge statue of a woman appears, consisting of her breast, her womb, and her sleeves. From her sleeves, the water goes, while the womb is an aisle to the spring. By entering the womb, a cave with water appears, in which people usually have different feelings.

Some describe it as a terrifying place with a completely different atmosphere that not everyone can tolerate. Others describe it with goose bumps over their body, while others cannot enter it at all. However, it is believed that the one who could enter it, needs to recall his wish and by thinking about it, should try to take the tiny stone. If she succeeds and finds the stone, her wish will surely get realized. Mostly barren women go through these steps to fulfill their life with children and increase their fertility. The water contains microelements such as lithium, nickel, bromine, molybdenum, and radon. Bibi Fatima -i Zahro hot spring contains no chalk, and the water is crystal clear.

Legend about the Spring

Except its healing properties, the Bibi Fatima is popular and sacred among local people, tourists, and Muslims around the world because of its connection with the family of prophet Muhammad. There are different legends about the origin of this spring, which are all related to the daughter of prophet Muhammad, Bibi Fatima-i Zahro. The first t story is about fighting between Ali and the rulers of the fortress of Yamchun, Qah-Qahha, and Isor. It is believed that after this fighting Ali wanted to clean his sword and stuck it in the ground – just then hot water gushed out from the hole. Bibi Fatima then came to the bank of the spring and unfolded her sleeves to wash them; thus, the spring got similar to sleeves.
According to another legend, a woman with her child walks through this place, which at that time was deserted. The child cries loudly because of being thirsty, while the woman could not find a drop of water. Bibi Fatima observes all this scenario and hits her stick into the ground, after which water appears, making this place livable. Although there are various legends, all of them tell a story of Bibi Fatima’s power, making the hot spring sacred and attractive.
The Bibi Fatima spring has a strong potential for medical tourism. The healing water is effective for digestion Treatment, liver, biliary, joints, bones, orthopedic, urological, and gynecological illnesses. Mostly, women visit this sacred place, as it is believed among local people that the Bibi Fotima Hot Spring increases women’s fertility. The pools are in good condition.


Travelling to the Site

The Bibi Fatima-i Zahro can be reached by taxi or local minibus, travelling from the district center or from Khorog.

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