The Mausoleum of Sultan Huwaisi Qarani

The ancient land of Khovaling has for long captivated the hearts of the visitors with its beautiful nature, cultural and sacred historical sites. Some visitors travel to Khowaling to relax and drink water from the clear springs of this place, while other make a pilgrim to pray in the sacred places.

One of the such site and sacred, which for many years have become a special place of pilgrimage is the shrine and mausoleum of Sultan Huwaisi Qarani. It is located in Hazrati Sulton village, and is 17km from the town of Khovaling. Apart from this mausoleum, several places, shrines in the Islamic world are associated with Huwaisi Qarani. Considering the spiritiual and natrual signifance of this site, its attractiveness for the visitors from all over Central Asia, the government of Tajikistan restored the mausoleum, and developed it as one of the most attractive site in the country.

Uwais ibn Amir al-Qarani is a popular early Islamic figure, whose right deeds and piety was highly praised by the Prophet of Islam. He is revered through Islamic world, including Central Asia. The people of the village of Hazrati Sulton name their children in honour of this mythical figure as Sultan, Mazor, or Mazori. What attracts locals and visitor to this place and figure, is the constructed belief in his exemplary life, dedicated to the path of righteousness and goodness. The narratives about his life are the examples of respect for parents, young and old people, as well as kindness.

Legend about Sultan Huwaisi Qarani

Sultan Uwais Qarani was a simple camel rider. He had great faith and respect for Prophet Muhammad. However, he could not meet Prophet, due to taking care of his sick mother. The Prophet admired him for taking care of his mother and being kind to all people. It is said that when his sick mother asked for a water, he stood with a cup of water beside her bed till she woke up. He waited for his mother, till the skin of his hand was torn off. The Prophet Muhammad bequeasted that his shirt should be given to Uwais upon his death. According to the legend spread among the local people nearby the shrine, prior death Hazrat Sultan bequeathed to his followers that they should load his coffin on a white camel, and wherever the camel sleeps his body should be buried there.

The camel slept in and awoke in seven places, but finally stood in the present place of Mazor. Five springs come out of the camel’s footprint and muzzle, which are now called the springs of (Shifo) Healing, (Murod) aspiration, (rahmat), blessing (Magfirat) forgiveness and Ganj (treasure). The mausoleum of “Sultan Uvaysi Qarani” was built in 1992 by the local businessman. Visitors pay silent homage while standing nearby the tomb and can buy a bottle of water of the string, sold there.


Travelling to the Site

This village is located 18 km far from the town of Khovaling. The site can be easily reached by travelling on the road connecting Dushanbe to Danghara and Khowaling. It is located 207 km away from Dushanbe. From the center of Khowaling district visitors can hire taxi at Khovaling Shared Car Terminal to trave l to the site.


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