The Fan Mountains

The Fan Mountains are an amazingly beautiful region located at the junction of two huge ridges: the Pamir-Alai and the Gissar. Here the traveler’s gaze is presented with turquoise and emerald lakes, glaciers and turbulent rivers, mountain gorges and passes.

Thanks to good transport accessibility (modern roads have been built from Dushanbe to the Zeravshan Valley regions, and the Uzbek Samarkand is located nearby), the Fan Mountains are a popular place for hiking, ecotourism and extreme sports. The weather here is warm and stable.

“I left my heart in the Fan Mountains, now I walk heartlessly across the plains …” These lines were once written by the famous Yuri Vizbor. In Soviet times, the Fan Mountains were quite popular among “hikers” and climbers from all over the former USSR, now mainly guests from “far abroad” come to these picturesque places.

The main attractions of the Fan Mountains are several areas with lakes. The city of Penjikent is best used as a base for trips there, where you can stock up on everything you need, leave unnecessary things in storage at a hotel or guest house, and also find transport.


Grotto Shakhty

A natural cave containing painting (petroglyphs) drawn with red colour on huge rock attracts visitors travelling to Murghob, Eastern Pamir. The Grotto Shakhty is considered

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