Sari Khosor Waterfall

Sari Khosor Waterfall is located on the banks of the Surkhob river, in the territory of Sari Khosor Jamoat, Baljuvon district. The waterfall is located 199 km from the center of Dushanbe.

The waterfall flows from a height of 50-57m and scatters millions of drops of water around. The scattering of countless drops of water under the rays of the sun comes with all the rainbow colors.
The temperature in summer reaches + 38 degrees during the day and +15 degrees at night. The winters are cold to -15, -25 degrees. Sari Khosor Waterfall is located in the Sari Khosor Natural Park and is known as a tourist destination of the country. The road to the waterfall is tough and rough, and from the center of the district you can reach the Sari Khosor Waterfall by mountain off-road vehicles.

The visit to Sari Khosor Waterfall is only possible for tourists and visitors in June and July, as other months the roads are flooded and the weather is too cold.

Along with the beautiful natural landscapes, this place is designed for hunting tourism as well.

Also, tourists can enjoy other tourist sites such as Obi Gugird, which is located near Shar-Shashra, and enjoy the natural sights of Dashti Angora, Mulokoni, Dashti Shuro, Sangi Sabz and Sangi Kulula.

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