Safedara is the mountain peaks of Tajikistan, pure and sparkling snow, surprisingly fresh air and wonderful winter landscapes. Season: — december-february The cost includes: — transfer — funicular ride Duration: — 1 day Visiting places:


Hisor fortress is the oldest monument of Central Asia. It is more than 3000 years old, and it is located only 30 km from the city of Dushanbe. Season: — all year round The cost includes: — transfer — bottle of water (0.5l) — excursion — guide services Duration: — 4 hours Visiting places:


Tajikistan has many domestic and international visitors whose journeys within the country are driven by their faith. They want to visit places of religious significance, including mosques, monasteries, and shrines where they can learn about saints and other holy figures in the past, listen to religious teachings, and pray. In Penjikent, for example, there is […]


Astrotourism (a portmanteau of astronomy and tourism) is a niche but fast-growing type of nature-based tourism. It is focused on stargazing, and takes places in destinations where there is little light pollution, so it is possible to see the stars clearly in the night sky. Astrotourism also includes travel to witness astronomical events such as […]

Grum-Grzhemaylo Glacier

The Grumm-Grzhemaylo is a valley tree-like glacier in the central Pamirs in Tajikistan. It is located at the base of the Revolution Peak and on the slopes of the Yazgulem ridge. This glacier is the second-largest glacier in the Pamirs after the Fedchenko glacier. The Grumm-Grzhemaylo glacier is located in the Tanymas valley, in the […]

Qah-Qahha Fortress

The fortress of Qah-Qahha is located at the elevation of 2642 meter above the sea level. The fortress is located on the natural cliff at 125 meters above the left shore of the Panj (Oxus) river. It is 115km located away from Khorog, and 5km away from the centre of the Ishkoshim district. It is […]

The Spring of Bibi Fatima-i Zahro

The Spring of Bibi Fatima-i Zahro is situated in just a short distance from Yamchun village of Ishkoshim district at the elevation of 3,025 meters above the sea. It is 83 km away from the center of Ishkoshim district and 200 km away from Khorog.The Bibi Fotima spring’s location is miraculous. The hot spring is […]

Peak Engels & Meadow

Peak Engels is located in the central part of the Shohdara in the south-west of the Pamirs in Tajikistan with a height of 6,510 m. The peak was discovered by the Russian explorers at the end of 19th century and named after Empress Mariya (wife of Emperor Alexander III Maria Feodorovna). In 1954 the Soviet […]

Bulun-Kul Lake & Geyser

Bulun-Kul is located in the eastern part of the Alichur valley of the Murghab region at an altitude of 3700 m above sea level. Lake Bulunkul has a tectonic origin with a length 1.5-2 km and width – 200-500 m.The lake is mainly fed by the Koytezak river, but, in addition, numerous springs flow into […]

Grotto Shakhty

A natural cave containing painting (petroglyphs) drawn with red colour on huge rock attracts visitors travelling to Murghob, Eastern Pamir. The Grotto Shakhty is considered as the oldest rock paintings in Central Asia, which exist at an altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level. The site of the Grotto Shakhty paintings is located 40km to […]