The Mausoleum of Yormuhammadi Wali

The mausoleum of Yormuhammadi Wali is one of the unique architectural monuments in the village of Bahoraki Sarichashma, Shamsiddin Shohin district. The mausoleum of Yormuhammadi Wali consists of rooms built in different periods. Shaiykh Yormuhammad Wali was a Sufi saint, who lived in between 13th- 14th centuries. This holy man had a special reputation and high status in life and was revered in the mountainous areas of Khatlon as well as part of northern Afghanistan. According to a written source, Shaykh Yormuhammad Wali died in 1378. Therefore, it can be said that the building of his tomb was built in the XIV century. The third and fourth rooms, as well as a shrine, and a prayer hall were built later.

All views of the mausoleum, including the main view, which is superior to the others are decorated with a P-shaped letter. In addition, the display has long rectangular recesses designed for inscriptions. The entrance door and its sides were decorated with decorative arches. The mausoleum is made of baked bricks. All rooms are domed; the domes of the tombs of the shaikh and his son are larger and occupy a central position in the complex. All rooms are connected by doors. Rooms that were built in the southern part were without ceilings. The front of the central room has a tall head and a larger, deeper entrance. The mausoleum is located near the Panj River on the Tajik Afghan border.

The mausoleum has 2 entrances, 2 corridors and 6 rooms. There are no written documents or artefacts from this mausoleum. It is believed that Soviet scholars conducted archeological excavations in this mausoleum in 1988 and took with them the material and written heritage that they have discovered in the place. The shaykh is buried with his son inside the mausoleum. The stones around the tomb are coloured.


Travelling to the Site

This site is located on the Tajik-Afghan border, and is difficult to reach. One way to get there is from Kulob via Wose district. It takes about 3 hours to reach this area from Kulob. Another road to this area goes from Shamsiddin Shohin, (Shurobod). However, the site is too far from the main road. The road leading to this place is in a very bad condition and damaged by rain.


Takhti Sangin

Takhti Sangin is perhaps the most famous ancient site in Tajikistan. It is situated 34km far from Qabodiyon district at the confluence of two tributaries

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