The Mausoleum of Imam Ja’far Sadiq

One of the wonderful architectural and sacred sites in the district is the mausoleum named after the Sixth Shi’a Imam Jafar Sadiq. This mausoleum is located in the Hazrati Emom village, at the Bolodara in Dastijum area of this district. The mausoleum consists of a small tower entrance with an area of 1.8 square meters and two rooms. A shrine with an area of 16.96 square meters and a tomb with an area of are located there.

Legend about the Shrine of the Imam

Locals believe that the mausoleum existed for several centuries, from the time the people settled in the Dara and Dashtijum. There is a legend about the appearance of this tomb and shrine. Once upon a time an old and pious man in the village saw in his dream Imam Ja’far (the sixth Shi’i Imam). The Imam told to the old man ‘O man, I am the Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, and I have been lying in this coffin in the middle of the road for many years. Animal pass over me and I am very upset about this. Please move my coffin to a safer place.’ In the morning, this righteous man, gathered the villagers and told them about his dream. He showed a special place to the people, who dug the way to reach to the grave. When they tried to lift the coffin from the grave, they could not pull it out. They brought many pairs oxen and tied up the coffin and tried to pull it out, but they could not.

When the righteous old man saw this, he told them to be patient so that he could see what was happening. The pious man again dreamt Imam Ja’far, who told him: ‘Only a pair of blue bulls from a certain village can pull my coffin. When those bulls take my coffin out leave them free to go wherever they want and bury me wherever they stop. In the morning, the old man told this dream to the people and they brough blue bulls, which pulled the coffin and brought it to the place where it is now buried. It is in this place that they have built the mausoleum.

The village used to be called Mahshar, but then gradually took, the name of Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq, or in short – Hazrati Emam. The former name of the village still remains in the name of the small gorge near it as the Mahshar Gorge. The village was named Mahshar because of its crowds.


Travelling to the Site

Traveller easily reach to the centre Shurobod district through the newly constructed road from Dushanbe. They can stop in the place where a small road departure from high road to Dashtijum. The nearest road to travel to the village of the Hazrati Emom is through the Dashtijum. The place where the tomb associated with the six Shi’i Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq is located in the upper part of the gorge and is called Bolodara. Visitors travelling to this site would enjoy watching the beautiful mountain river – Obi Niyov, which flows into the Panj River.


The Mugteppa

In the north of Tajikistan is the city of Istaravshan, founded in the 6th century BC. Today it is a tourist center that attracts visitors

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