Nurek HPP Dam

The Nurek HPP dam is located 3.5 km away from Nurek city.

The height of the Nurek HPP dam is 300 meters (until 2013 it was the highest dam in the world).
Tursun Uljaboev HPP Nurek has been built on the Vakhsh River. The construction of the hydropower plant started in 1961, the first hydraulic unit was commissioned in 1972 and the last one in 1979. At the Nurek HPP, 9 hydraulic units with a design capacity of 300 thousand kW have been installed. The total installed capacity of the plant is 3,000 thousand kW.

The construction of Nurek HPP started in 1961, the first unit was commissioned on November 15, 1972, with a capacity of 300 MW, and the plant with a full capacity (2700 MW) was commissioned in 1979. In 1988, all nine units of the plant were renovated, bringing the capacity of each to 335 MW and the total capacity of the plant to 3,000 MW.

Every year many tourists visit the Dam. There is a path and different points for tourists where tourists and visitors can observe the dam from different points of view, like the general view of the dam and power plant, management office, museum hall and assembly hall.
It should be noted that visits to the dam are allowed only with the permission from the relevant authorities.