Mausoleum of Mir Said Ali Hamadoni

The mausoleum of Mir Said Ali Hamadani (1314-1384), the great Tajik-Persian poet, philosopher, and scientist is located in Ismoil Somoni square. It is nearby the shops, the Hotel Khatlon, and the Kulob Monument which was constructed in 2006 to commemorate the 2700 anniversary of the city.

History and architecture

The mausoleum was built by the disciples of Mir Sayid Ali Hamadoni. He was a famous Sufi Muslim saint from the city of Hamadon in Iran. Initially, two rooms and two domes were built. There is an empty room with a window (to the direction of Mecca) b behind the gate of Mir Said Ali Hamadoni’s tomb. People call it masjid (mosque). This room is used for collective prayer since 1954, when Soviets destroyed the mosque of the community near the grave of Mir Said Ali Hamadoni.The mausoleum consists of domed rooms connected by a corridor. It has entrances from the west, north and east. The scholar is buried in the first room. The second room is a place for contemplation and prayer. Three more rooms on the east side of the site were built afterwards. Another room was built on the southeast side of the building as a mausoleum for Sayid Muhammad, the son of Mir Sayid Hamadoni. The whole complex consists of eight rooms, six-two side doors, twelve tombs of various sizes, and four prayers room.

This mausoleum is decorated with a golden dome and meticulous brickwork and surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. Mir Said Ali Hamadoni is highly revered as one of the great poets and Sufi saints among the people of Tajikistan. After living there for ten years in his city Hamadoni moved to the city of Kulob, where his son Sayid Muhammad was born, and his daughter Mohi Khuroson married to the local young man. Hence, Kulob became a home for this famous Sufi saint, and the ties between him and local people become stronger. The government of Tajikistan invested a considerable amount of money to restore the mausoleum. His birth anniversary was held in 1995, and international symposium was held in 2015, to commemorate his 700th anniversary. He is revered great national and historical figure. His picture and lines of poetry are printed on the 10 Tajiki Somoni banknote.


Travelling to the Site

Visitors travelling to Kulob or passing through the city cannot avoid paying homage to the mausoleum of this great figure. They can take a walk from the main bus station, pass through the main bazaar, watching the 2700 anniversary of the Kulob monument, enter the Kulob Museum and walking on the Ismoil Somoni square to reach the beautiful gate of the mausoleum of Hamadoni. The mausoleum is surrounded by Pushkin and Hamadoni street from the left and right.


Hulbuk Fortress

The medieval town of Hulbuk is located in southwestern Tajikistan, in the Kulob region. It is situated 7 kilometers southwest of the district of Wose,

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