Bulun-Kul Lake & Geyser

Bulun-Kul is located in the eastern part of the Alichur valley of the Murghab region at an altitude of 3700 m above sea level. Lake Bulunkul has a tectonic origin with a length 1.5-2 km and width – 200-500 m.The lake is mainly fed by the Koytezak river, but, in addition, numerous springs flow into it, located along the banks lakes. The total area of the lake is 5.5 km2, the maximum depth is 2 m, the transparency of the water is more than 1 m, the air temperature in the lake area reaches 18-20º in summer, and 25-30º in winter.

Bulunkul is considered as the coldest place in Tajikistan. In winter, the cold temperature reaches there from 57 to 60 degrees cold. According to the legend the lake was formed during the flood that occurred due to the mistreatment and disrespect of the locals to the awliya (saint)- a man close to God. Only one woman invited him to her house as a “God guest” and shared her meal with him. As a result, she was saved from the flood by walking on the water surface. In Soviet Period this lake was converted into the fishpond and many different types of fished were thrown there for reproducing. This changed the eco-system, and in the summer large flocks of mountain birds fly here. Bulun Kul is located in the harsh highlands of the Eastern Pamirs. This is usually a place for the growth of teresken, wormwood and cushion grass. There are springs and shrines around the water. The village of Bulunkul is located nearby and it was established in 1948. Locals in Bulunkul organize ridding on yaks around the lake and its outskirts as well as fishing in the lake. In the summer locals play volleyball. It should be noted that at the altitude of 3700-meter volleyball is an extreme type of sport.

The hot and thermal spring ‘Sasik bulok’ is situated 7 km away from Bulunkul village. It serves as a kind of laundry place for the locals of Bulunkul. During the Soviet time, one small house was built there which is destroyed now.


Routes to Bulun-Kul

Bulukul can be easily reached on the highroad connecting Ishkoshim and Mugab districts. The road conditions are not that good, but the site is accessible.



One of the natural attractions of the Sughd region begins 20 km from Khujand – the Kayrakkum reservoir. This artificial lake was created in the

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