Sarazm Ancient Monument in Panjakent

Sarazm Ancient Monument in Panjakent

Sarazm is considered to be one of the ancient monuments.

The meaning of this historical name is “sari zamin” or “sarzamin” (land), which is a strong proof of the glorious and ancient history of the Tajik people.

We have done a lot to preserve this great historical heritage since independence.

The Sarazm monument was declared a historical and archeological preserve by the Order of the Government of the country in 2000 as a center for the formation of Tajik civilization, handicrafts and urban planning.

I visited this place twice in 2003-2005, got acquainted with its condition and set specific tasks for the responsible persons to protect and study this unique place.

Given the country’s limited financial resources in those days, we have allocated the necessary funds for the protection of this unique monument.
As a result, during 2003-2008, five excavations have been covered and the monument surroundings have been fenced.
Afterwards, historical and archeological materials and evidence on the basis of research of domestic and foreign scientists for the inclusion of Sarazm in the Register of Cultural Monuments of UNESCO were presented.

And on July 31, 2010, this prominent organization included Sarazm into the list of the most unique monuments of universal culture.

Later on, the relevant resolution of the Government was adopted on the occasion of the 5500th anniversary of Sarazm, which is recognized by scientists and the international community as a center for the formation of agricultural, handicraft and urban culture of Tajik nation.

In frame of this document, much work aimed at development and modernization have been carried out in Panjakent, and today the image of the town is very beautiful, and its residents together with all the people of Tajikistan celebrate their ancient homeland that is of great importance to the country.


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