Garm Chashma

The first destination located on the highroad between Khorog and Ishkoshim is Garm Chashma (literally meaning hot spring). The spring is located at the elevation of 2529 meter of the sea in the same village. The spring water contains sulphate-carbonate, chloride-hydrocarbonate and sodium-siliceous elements. The average annual temperature of the site is 6.70 ° C in summer 160 ° C and in winter 6.60 ° C. The hottest weather in the village 35 ° C, the coldest is 32 ° C. The spring emerges into the surface as result of the deposition of white limestone. A high hill has formed, reaching in places 7-35 meters in height, 1,500 meters in length and 35 -45 in width.

The village itself has a beautiful nature. In spring and summer, many patients from different regions of Tajikistan and neighboring countries come here for treatment. There are small caves with dry white limestone inside, which is used as medicine. The caves were discovered as a result of excavation and removal of dry limestone at the foot of the spring hill.

Legend of Garm Chashma

This spring is of natural origin and has hot medicinal water. For the first time the spring was explored by Russian mineralogist in 1928. However, travelers visiting Pamir at various points of history mentioned about this hot spring. It is not known when the spring was discovered. According to a legend, there a dragon in this place. A noblemen named Puri Shoh killed the dragon. To wash his bloody clothes, he strokes the sword, and the water sprang from there. Puri Shoh washed his clothes and sword and disappeared. Since then, this spring exists, and people were starting to settle around it, and turned into a sacred shrine for pilgrimage.

The Soviet government built a sanatorium in 1957 at the site of the spring, which received patients for treatment of the skin, eyes and other diseases from different parts of the empire. There are few hotels, and guesthouses functioning at this thermal spring Garm Chashma, which serve for external and internal visitors. It is the most well-known balneological resort of Pamir. The curative properties of Garm Chashma mineral water are recognized far beyond the country.


Travelling to Garm Chashma

Garm Chashma is 48 km far from Khorog, and 7-8 km far from the high road connecting Khorog to Ishkoshim. The road has a gentle slope, so all brands of cars can pass here, but it is a difficult road for cyclists. The spring can be easily reached by taxi, or local minibus going from Khorog to Ishkoshim. The visitors travelling from Murghob, can reach the sanatorium, take a high road passing through Khargushi junction to reach Ishkoshim and Khorog. Apart from using sanatorium tourist can hike to Kuhi La’l (Ruby Mountain). It will also take them three days of mountain hiking from this site to Wezdara village, in Roshqala district. Similarly, they can hike from this village to Bodomdara. Another hiking route will take them to Darshai village of Ishkoshim district.

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