Abuabdullo Rudaki Park

In 1994 this park had been named “Central Cultural and Entertainment Park” and in 2008 it changed its name to “Rudaki Park”. From the first day of its formation, Rudaki Park consists of the reading room, young technicians’ hall, gym, summer cinema, volleyball, basketball, football, wrestling and different sport areas. Moreover, there is a drama and choir group and musical and dance performance set up on stage in park. It used to have a summer theatre to host the theatrical troupe from the capital city, regions, State Philharmonic of Tajikistan and from other countries of the former Soviet Union to perform concerts and performances; scientists and well-known individuals have been interacting with the audience. Up to 2008 the park had an area of 7 hectares. In 2008 it was fully reconstructed and turned to a green and mesmerizing rest zone.

There are about 1840 decorative trees, 4105 m2 walking area filled with plenty of flowers, 8661 m2 of landscaped garden area, and 42667 m2 of lawns for walk within the territory of the park. Furthermore, there is a monument to the Founder of the Classic Persian and Tajik literature – Abuabdullo Rudaki placed in the central area of the Park. Usually different kind of performances and meetings of the scientists with readers are held at the stage nearby to the monument. If one proceeds from the avenue Rudaki 41, one would encounter the ponds and fountains that give a mesmerizing view in combination with the colorful radiance.