Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region is one of the most attractive tourist areas and is famous all over the world for its rivers and ponds, lakes and high mountains. The development of tourism in the region also contribute to the presence of historical and medical areas, such as lake Sarez, motels Garmchashma, Avj, Yamchun, Gelander, Bibi Fotimai Zuhro, high-mountain ranges in the world, the largest glaciers of the Pamirs, etc.
In 2013, the national Park of the Republic of Tajikistan was included in the UNESCO world heritage list, representing Tajikistan as a developing country for ecotourism and open doors for external tourism.
The analysis shows that every year many foreign tourists come to the country because of the tourist areas of the region, in such areas as mountaineering, ecotourism and sightseeing tourism.
The Pamir Association of eco-cultural tourism was established in the region, which unites more than 12 economic entities and individual entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. Also, in order to promote the development of tourism and create a free and healthy competitiveness in the tourism market of the region there are 13 economic entities
In the region there are 50 small hotels, such as homestays and guesthouses, which were created to reduce unemployment and increase of tourist services.
Small hotels built on the ground floor of the houses of local residents, in addition to using them as places to stay, also allow foreign tourists to get acquainted with the cultures and customs of the people.
Sanatorias and resorts. On the territory of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region there are 4 health resorts. In the Shugnan district in the valley of Gilandeh, in Ishkashim district, Auj, Garm Chashma and Bibi Fatima Zuhro.
Historical, cultural sites and shrines: on the territory of the Gorno – Badakhshan Autonomous region there are 251 sites of cultural heritage: 12 in Khorog city , 9 in Darvaz , 15 in Vanj, 35 in Rushan, 76 in Ishkashim, Shugnan 32, 15 in Murghab and 51 in Roshtkala districts.
Currently, Khorog State University and the University of Central Asia are functioning in the region, which contribute to the training of personnel in the tourism industry, including guides, management of tourism organization and hospitality.



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