Tajikistan has gorgeous high mountains, ancient history, and archeological sites, rivers and lakes.

About Tajikistan

General Information

Area: 143 , 100 square kilometers .
Population: about 8.1 million
State language: Tajik
Capital city: Dushanbe
The State Holiday: Day of Independence – September 9
Currency: Somoni.
Symbolics: Flag of Tajikistan, Emblem of Tajikistan
Nationalities: Tajiks (79.9 %), Uzbeks (15.3%), Russians (1.1 %), Kyrgyz (1.1%), others(2.6%)
Climate: sharp continental
Natural resources: aluminum, coal, oil, gas, iron, zinc, antimony, mercury, gold, tin, tungsten, boron , carbonates, fluorite, precious and semiprecious stones
Major cities: Khujand, Kurgan – Tyube, Khorog, Kulyab , Penjikent
Major industries: mining metallurgy, water-power engineering, textile and clothing industries .