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[:en]Republic of Tajikistan

The Committee for Tourism Development (CTD) under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

GRANT-6022 TAJ: Tourism Development Project

The Committee for Tourism Development (CTD) is implementing Tourism Development Project (ADB Grant 6022-TAJ).

The project envisages recruitment of Tourism Development Specialist (CS09), Project Assistant (CS10), Interpreter/Translator (CS11) and Financial Management Specialist(CS12) – all are national.

The Tourism Development Specialist will assist International Tourism Development Specialist (ITDS)/Team Leader (TL) in completing the relevant tasks, and delivering his/her assignment outputs and deliverables.The Tourism Development Specialist will report to the Chairperson, CTD and will assist ITDS/TL for carrying out the following tasks: the strategic, policy, institutional and capacity development of the project; dialog with government and private sector; coordination across government agencies and with private sector; and interface of tourism promotion efforts in Tajikistan with external stakeholders. S/he will coordinate and work closely with: (i) UNWTO and NGOs for developing the Tourism Satellite Account, Sustainable Tourism Development Plan, Tourist Profile Study and collecting other primary data, and draw upon data collected for deliverables as needed; (ii) Tourism Committee and related central government agencies; (iii) local and provincial government agencies; (iv) private sector; and (v) development partners.

The Project Assistant will provide operational and administrative support to the project team in day to day operations, coordinate meetings and field visits, and provide logistics support.

The Interpreter/Translator will be responsible for providing interpreting services during meetings and day to day operations, and will translate English documents in Russian and Tajik languages and vice versa, including all documents/reports prepared by Consultants.

The Financial Management Specialist will be responsible for supporting CTD to ensure project

compliance with ADB financial reporting and financial management procedures and guidelines.

Minimum Qualification Criteria

For Tourism Development Specialist:Master degree in relevant subject; social science and/or other related fields. Around 5 years sector experience in tourism promotion and development, including with strategic planning, policy issues, institutional coordination and capacity development. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, would be essential. Experience working successfully with international organizations. Demonstrated familiarity with latest trends in tourism sector and its development, encompassing impact of ICT, social media and digital platforms would be preferred. Fluency in English, Russian and Tajik is mandatory.

For Project Assistant: University degree in management, international relations and/or other related field and around three years of experience of similar work. Experience in working for international organizations is preferable. Fluency in English, Russian and Tajik is mandatory.

For Interpreter/Translator: The Interpreter/Translator should possess a degree in English language or any other related field and around three years of experience in providing professional translation and interpretation services. The Interpreter/Translator must be fluent in written and spoken English, Tajik, and Russian, and shall have good report writing skills. Experience in working for international organizations is preferable.

For Financial Management Specialist: Bachelor’s degree in finance/accounting or relevant field; accounting qualification (ACCA, CPA, CIPA, CA); not less than 4 years of Financial Management experience with, at least one ADB financed-project; fluency in English, Russian and Tajik is mandatory.

Duties and responsibilities of Tourism Development Specialist include:

Assist ITDS/TL in delivering the following outputs/deliverables:

  • prepare a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis of tourism sector in Tajikistan that also explicitly incorporates the regional context of the country;
  • undertake a comprehensive review of all policies affecting the tourism sector in the country and provide prioritized and sequenced recommendations for reform drawing upon international best practice;
  • organize and lead workshops in coordination with UNWTO and individual consultant for consultation or dissemination involving government entities, private sector, development partners and civil society. Also organize three regional workshops with participation of relevant stakeholders from other countries in the region and, if appropriate, beyond;
  • recruit consulting firm for Outputs 2 and 3 with support of International Procurement Specialist;
  • identify expertise needed, if so, for Short Assignment Specialists, identify potential experts and facilitate recruitment;
  • any other task needed to ensure all project outputs are delivered in time with quality;
  • participate in ADB missions as needed.

Duties and responsibilities of Project Assistant include:

  • provide operational, administrative, and secretarial support to the project team;
  • provide logistical support in organizing meetings, workshops, field visits, ADB missions, and other events, and record minutes of meetings;
  • provide travel related support for international project implementation consultants, including visa arrangements, accommodation, etc.;
  • assist in preparation of materials for reports, meetings and workshops;
  • manage proper filing and monitoring of project documents; ensure easy retrieval of files/data/information as necessary
  • undertake other related tasks as requested by the project team.

Duties and responsibilities of Interpreter/Translator include:

  • provide high quality translation services from English to Russian/Tajik and vice versa as required by the project team;
  • facilitate events such as workshops, seminars and roundtables by offering simultaneous interpretation from English to Russian/Tajik and vice versa;
  • translate project related documents and reports, ensuring completeness, accuracy and stylistic acceptability of translations produced;
  • conduct necessary research for each document being translated in order to ensure that the meaning is interpreted correctly and in full, and that appropriate specialized terminology is employed.

Duties and responsibilities of Financial Management Specialist include:

  • lead verification of the payment supporting documentation from the suppliers and consultants;
  • prepare the withdrawal applications (WAs) and submit them for approval of the Chairperson CTD and upload them for ADB;
  • coach CTD staff and lead preparation of the project financial statements according to cash-basis International Public-Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS);
  • ensure timely preparation of the annual audited project accounts and submission to ADB within 6 months of fiscal year end;
  • assist the ADB Missions, and provide inputs as required.

Duration of Assignment:

For Tourism Development Specialist:Estimated Start Date:  01-Aug-2020 – Estimated End Date:   31-Dec-2023 with overall Input of 24 person-months (intermittent);

For Project Assistant: Estimated Start Date:  01-Aug-2020 – Estimated End Date:   31-Dec-2023 with overall Input of 30 person-months (intermittent);

For Interpreter/Translator: Estimated Start Date:  01-Aug-2020 – Estimated End Date:   31-Dec-2023 with overall Input of 30 person-months (intermittent);

For Financial Management Specialist: Estimated Start Date:  01-Aug-2020 – Estimated End Date:   31-Dec-2023 with overall Input of 30 person-months (intermittent).

Interested candidates must submit a complete set of the following documents in person:

  • A statement addressed to the Chair of the Committee for Tourism Development under the Republic of Tajikistan for submission of documents;
  • CV in Russian and English, according to the ADB format (CV format for New or Replacement Experts). The format can be found at the following link: https://www.adb.org/business/operational-procurement/consulting
  • Reference letters indicating contact details of recommending persons
  • Copy of a diploma of higher education
  • Copies of certificates of additional education or participation in seminars and trainings
  • Copy of passport (place of registration, TIN)

The above documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope, indicating the vacant position and name of the candidate, to the following address: 78 Rudaki Avenue, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734025 (second floor).

For more information, please call: +992 37 227 86 57 or email: s.muso.tj@gmail.com

The deadline for submitting documents is by 11 July 2020, before 12:00 PM[:]