Asian Development Bank (ADB) on behalf of the Committee of Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

Asian Development Bank (ADB) on behalf of the Committee of Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan
January 10, 2020
President Emomali Rahmon Approves Symbol of Celebration of Period of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts
January 23, 2020
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Asian Development Bank (ADB) on behalf of the Committee of Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

Request for Expressions of Interest (EOIs)


  • Organization: Asian Development Bank (ADB) on behalf of the Committee of Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan


  • Job title: NGO(s) for Survey of International Visitors (CS 3)


  • Project title: Tourism Development Project


  • Consultant Type: Firm Source: National


  • Selection Method: Fixed-Budget Selection (FBS)


  • Technical Proposal: Biodata Technical Proposal (BTP)


  • Deadline of submitting EOIs: 23-Jan-2020



Terms of Reference

Scope of Work

The NGO(s) will work closely with the Tourism Development Specialist, the Economist and UNWTO under supervision of the Committee of Tourism Development (CTD) to undertake primary data collection for development of Tajikistan’s first Tourism Satellite Account (TSA). The NGO(s) will collect data on international visitors for the TSA, and provide the cleaned and completed data for further analysis. The work will be undertaken through a lump sum contract on a competitive basis.

Detailed Tasks and Expected Outputs

  • Work closely with the project team, including the UNWTO, Tourism Development Specialist, and the Economist, in preparation of the survey instrument into Tajik and Russian languages for pilot testing;
  • Organize pilot testing of the questionnaire and work closely with the UNWTO and the Economist to finalize the survey instrument;
  • Working with the project team, including the UNWTO, the Economist and Tourism Development Specialist agree on a sampling methodology that will identify the venues where survey will be undertaken (e.g. all major entry and exit points for international visitors), the number of individuals (foreign visitors) to be surveyed (of at least 3000 questionnaires), and the times of the year when data will be collected;
  • Recruit as needed and train the enumerators who will undertake primary data collection ensuring their quality and requisite language skills;
  • Collect data for the selected sample while maintaining high frequency of electronic transmission from the survey sites to supervisors/managers to ensure real-time verification, consistency and quality checking of data collected;
  • Upon completion of data collection, compile the data in Excel format readable by statistical packages and, in close consultation with the project team, undertake cleaning of the compiled data;
  • Prepare basic tabulations of the finalized data;
  • Participate in workshops/conference as needed and present data findings if required;
  • Participate in and facilitate ADB missions as needed.




  • Raw data of at least 3000 visitors fully compiled
  • Cleaned, finalized data in Excel and statistical package-readable format;
  • Completed survey questionnaires and other survey documents in English
  • Report on basic tabulations.


Minimum Qualification Requirements

The NGO(s) will have demonstrated experience and skills in organizing national and/or complex surveys.  Experience working with international organizations will be an advantage.

Reporting Requirements

  • Inception Report, 4 weeks after mobilization
  • Quarterly Progress Reports, within 7 days of end of each quarter
  • Final Report, draft report at least 2 weeks before completion of assignment period and final report within a week after receiving comments

All reports and major deliverables shall be prepared in English and Tajik/Russian languages.


Inputs Required

Experts Person-months
Project Manager/Team Leader 9
Data Supervisor 1 6
Data Supervisor 2 6
Data Supervisor 3 6
Data Supervisor 4 6
Data Supervisor 5 6
IT specialist 3
Economist 3


  • Project Manager/Team Leader: Will have at least a Masters degree and experience with organizing and conducting at least one large, preferably nationwide, survey in leadership role. Demonstrated experience in ensuring timely delivery of high-quality data would be necessary. Experience working with international organizations as client would be preferred. Ability to organize enumerator trainings, maintain strong monitoring of data collection in real time, and address logistical challenges that may arise in an efficient manner would be needed. Good communication skills along with basic understanding of statistics and tourism would be preferred. A good command of English, Russian, and Tajik.


  • Data Supervisors: Will have at least a university degree and 5 years participation in surveys either directly as collecting data or supervising others collecting data. Ability to work independently with groups of 5-7 enumerators would be necessary, as will be good communication skills. The supervisor will be expected to continuously monitor the inputs of enumerators ensuring data integrity and quality. He/she will be expected to be the first point of contact for resolving logistical and other issues in the field arising during collection of data. He/she will also be responsible for ensuring consistency and validity of data by reviewing on a daily basis the data transmitted by enumerators, and asking for remedial action from enumerators as needed. A good command of English, Russian, and Tajik.



  • IT specialist: The IT Specialist will have at least a bachelors ‘s degree in computer science or IT or related field, and will be responsible for ensuring data collection in the field is undertaken electronically and transmitted frequently. He/she will need to ensure the survey questionnaire is uploaded into electronic tablets for use by enumerators and address any technical difficulties encounters in data entry/transmission.  Experience with at least one previous survey, preferably on a large scale, would be necessary. A good command of English, Russian, and Tajik.


  • Economist: The Economist will have at least a Masters degree or equivalent and demonstrated experience writing good quality reports based on quantitative analysis of primary data for at least one similar assignment. Fluency in use of one or more statistical packages would be necessary. A good command of English, Russian, and Tajik.


The guidelines for data enumerators:


The enumerators should preferably meet the following criteria:

  • University degree (Bachelor or above)
  • A good command of English and Russian. Additional languages will be highly regarded.
  • Previous research experience.
  • Good understanding of the tourism industry


The data collectors must be equipped with a branding package that includes a badge, a T-shirt, and caps.


Period of Assignment

April 2020 to March 2021



Contract Type

Lump Sum



The interested non-government organization(s), such as research organizations, training institutions, registered NGOs, education institutions may express interest solely or in joint ventures through ADB Consulting Management System ( by using the following link ( ) or by searching Selection “GRANT-6022 TAJ: Tourism Development Project – CS 3 NGO for International Visitors Survey (53242-001)” .


Please contact Nana Kvanchiany, Associate Procurement Officer through or

+992 904 030679 for any questions related to the assignment.


Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.