April 17, 2023
April 20, 2023
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  Republic of Tajikistan

The Committee of Tourism Development (CTD) under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

GRANT-6022 TAJ: Tourism Development Project

The CTD is implementing Tourism Development Project financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The project envisages recruitment of National IT Consultant (CS16)

The National  IT Consultant will be responsible for an effective use of computer equipment and other equipment of Tourism Development Project Team (ADB Grant 6022-TAJ) and Committee for Tourism Development (CTD).

She/he will closely work with the Project Team and CTD’s staff.

Minimum Qualification Criteria:

The National IT Consultant should meet the following qualifications:

  • University degree in Computer Sciences, graphic design or related field. Advanced degree and certification in Graphic/web designing will be an advantage;
  • Working experience in installation, configuration and maintenance of computer technology;
  • Proven working experience in this field;
  • Fluency in Tajik and Russian, English is an advantage.

Detailed tasks and/or expected output included:

The National IT Consultant should perform the following scope of works:

  1.         Monitor the effective use of computer equipment and other equipment of project team and CTD, as well as timely to establish their correction and malfunctions;
  2.         Establish and monitor the security of computers and other equipment of project team and CTD;

            III.        Install, configure and maintain the CTD’s computer and information equipment;

  1.         Organize and maintain the CTD’s hardware and software;
  2.         Conduct technical consultations with employees regarding the use of information equipment;
  3.         Install and configure general and special software;

          VII.        Maintain local directories;

         VIII.        Prepare and submit when necessary requests for repair and restoration of operability of software and hardware, including servers, computers, printers, active network equipment;

  1.         Ensure the protection of electronic information and its integrity;
  2.         Organize the anti-virus protection;
  3.         Organize and control communication channels, access channels to the Internet, electronic communications and data transmission;

          XII.        Study the causes of failures and violations in the work of the automated information system, develop proposals for their elimination and prevention, improving quality and reliability;

         XIII.        Participate in development of work plans and activities on issues of informatization;

         XIV.        Timely fulfill the instructions of CTD’s Chairman and the project team assigned to his competence.

Duration of Assignment: Estimated Start Date:  April 2023 – Estimated End Date: March-2025 with overall Input of 24 person-months (Continuous);

Interested candidates must submit a complete set of the following documents in person:

  • A statement addressed to the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development under the Republic of Tajikistan for submission of documents;
  • CV in Russian and English, according to the ADB format (CV format for New or Replacement Experts). The format can be found at the following link: cv-format-individual-20220203.docx (
  • Reference letters indicating contact details of recommending persons;
  • Copy of a diploma of higher education;
  • Copies of certificates of additional education or participation in seminars and trainings;
  • Copy of passport (place of registration, TIN);

The above documents shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, indicating the vacant position and name of the candidate, to the following address: 3 Ac. Rajabovho str., Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734025

For more information, please call: +992 98 889 88 60 or email:

The deadline for submission of documents is  26 April, 2023 before 16:00 PM