Over 138,000 Tourists Visit Historical And Cultural Sites of the Sughd Region in 2022
February 2, 2023
Official exchange rate of currencies against Somoni (TJS) as of 16/02/2023
February 16, 2023
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Today: 16 February 2023, Thursday

Weather: Avalanches are possible in the mountainous regions of the republican subordination and in the west of GBAO until February 17. This is reported by the Agency for Hydrometeorology.

It’s cloudy in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast with some precipitation (rain and snow) in some areas, heavy rains in the west. West wind, 4-9m/s. The temperature is -2 +3°C at night and 4-9°C above zero during the day in the west. The temperature is 9-14°C below zero at night and 0-5°C during the day in the east.

In Sughd region – partly cloudy, with occasional rain in the valleys, and precipitation (rain, snow) and fog in some mountainous areas. West wind, 4-9 m/s, in some places increasing up to 15-20 m/s. The temperature at nighttime in the valleys is 0-5°C, while during the day it is 4-9°C above zero. The temperature in the mountains is 2-7°C at night and 4-9°C  above zero during the day.

In Khatlon region – partly cloudy, with occasional rain in some areas, and mostly without precipitation at lower elevations. West wind, 4-9m/s. The temperature at night is 4-9°C, and 12-17°C above zero during the day in the valleys, and 1-6°C at night and  6-11°C above zero in the daytime in the foothills.

In the Regions of Republican Subordination – cloudy skies and occasional rain in the valleys. Precipitation (rain, snow) and fog in some mountainous areas. West wind, 4-9 m/s. The temperature at night in the valleys is 4-9°C, and 10-15°C during the day. The temperature at night in the mountains is -1+4°C (2-4 degrees below zero in the Lakhsh area) and 4-9°C during the day (1-3 degrees below zero in the Lakhsh area).

In Dushanbe – cloudy with occasional rain. West wind, 4-9 m/s. The temperature at night is 6-8°C, and 13-15°C above zero during the day.