Friday June 9th, 2017

Honorary Consul of Tajikistan in Hamburg invites German tourists and entrepreneurs to Tajikistan

DUSHANBE, 07.09.2017. /NIAT “Khovar”/. The Honorary Consul in Hamburg of the Federal Republic of Germany Kurush Purkiyon prepared and distributed an information sheet in which he invites […]

Sunday November 12th, 2017


KULOLGARI is pottery, an artistic craft of producing different plates and dishes, other items from special clay. This craft is known to Tajiks from antiquity. Many archeological […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


 DUREDGARI/NAJJORI/CHUBKORI is a carpenter craft, a kind of applied art including carpenter and carving. In wide meaning, they are the ways of wood processing. Carpenter and carving […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


DUZANDAGI is sewing, the craft expressed in producing dresses, life things, and others from different cloths. Sewing was handy for centuries. A sewing machine has been used […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


GAJKORI is the variety of decorative-applied arts, connected with the craft of carving/engraving. Gaj is the variety of white soft stone, especial mineral that is boiled and […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


GAHVORASOZI is the craft of producing cradle. In it, a child sleeps from seven-nine days old age to two, sometimes three years old age. Craftsmen-gahvorasozes treat their […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


  BOFANDAGI is a weaving, an artistic craft/ a technological process of producing the cloth from threads.       For centuries, people have been using so local cloths […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


A’JUBASOZI is the craft having the target to bring up a child. This craft helps a child to study and cognize the environment. It also directs a […]
Sunday November 12th, 2017


ATLAS/ATLASBOFI is one of kinds of silk and semi-silk tissue. Women’s dresses are mainly made from silk atlas, and kurpa, kurpacha, and other things of life are […]