November 12, 2017
November 12, 2017
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GAHVORASOZI is the craft of producing cradle. In it, a child sleeps from seven-nine days old age to two, sometimes three years old age.
Craftsmen-gahvorasozes treat their skills with large love, at the same time reading good wishes to a baby, a future owner of the cradle. A craftsman tries so that a baby could sleep spaciously and comfortably in the cradle. They design gahvora with ornament to bring up a good aesthetic taste in a baby from the first days.
Gahvora is produced from wood, nut, and apricot, a lower part is predominately made from a mulberry tree. A usual length of gahvora is from 92 sm. to 1 – 1,5 sm., its width is 35 – 45 sm., and its height is 50 – 60 sm.
All conditions are created to sleep well in gahvora. Light bright toys are hung on the handle of gahvora so that a child could play with them after sleeping.
Bedspread is sewn separately for gahvora. It requires special skills. In an intangible cultural heritage the craft of bed spread sewer for cradles – gahvorapushtuz – was determined separately, and itself bedspread – gahvorapush. It is in two kinds – for winter and summer. Bedspread has the form of cradle itself and consists of two parts – a lower one that covers baby’s legs and an upper one that covers from the head to waist of baby.