Hike to Varzob with picnic
October 23, 2017
November 10, 2017
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is a kind of traditional musical performance art of the mountainous Tajiks (Kulob, Badakhshan), connected with the genre falak. For many centuries, this performance art has been forming its performing style, generating its canons, which should be observed by performers. It has developed practical theory. Falak is one-part and cyclic pieces of vocal and instrumental kinds. Falakkhoni is based on a traditional school ustod-shogird. Dumbra is a basal instrument, but falak is notable for rich quality of instruments (a badakhshan rubab, setor, ghijak, tutik, daf, tablak etc.). Falak historically originated and developed in two regions – Kulob and Badakhshan, hence there are their names – falaki kulobi and falaki pomiri. There are many genre varieties of falak – falaki dashti, falaki roghi, falaki kalandari, falaki safari, falaki ravona,beparvofalak, and others. Odina Hoshim (1938 – 1993), Gulchehra Sodikova, Davlatmand Kholov, Sohiba Davlatshoyeva, Haknazar Alovatov, and others are outstanding falakkhons of our time.