Fann mountains: Emerald & turquoise lakes

Lake Sarez
October 24, 2017
Mausoleum of Muhammad Bashoro
October 24, 2017

With ethereal landscapes that are right out of a fairy tale, the Fann mountains are a paradise for all trekkers, mountaineers, adventure-seekers and nature lovers!  Here, there are legions of lakes with sparkling emerald and turquoise waters.  Some of the most recognized ones are the Alaudin Lake, Kulikalong Lake, Allo Lake, and the legendary Iskanderkul Lake that bears the name of Alexander the Great.

Iskanderkul Lake is believed to be the final resting place of Alexander’s favorite warhorse.  Many locals say that the ghost of his beloved horse can still be heard and seen grazing across the mystical waters of this historical lake during the deepest hours of the night.